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“You’re Losing Me” Letter to the Man You Love

“You’re Losing Me” Letter to the Man You Love

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My Love,

There’s a weight in my heart, an anchor pulling me down, and it’s getting heavier each day. This weight is a product of silence, unsaid words, and forgotten promises.

Nights I’ve spent staring at the ceiling, tears rolling down, asking myself: “What has changed?” It used to be us against the world, our laughter louder than the challenges, our love deeper than the oceans. Now, the silence between us seems endless, stretching out like an abyss I’m afraid I might fall into.

There were times when just a glance from you would make my day. Our conversations were effortless, our love palpable. You were my confidant, my best friend, my partner in every crime. Yet, now, even holding a simple conversation feels like navigating through a maze.

I find myself replaying our memories, the shared secrets, the tender moments, and the dreams we built together. When did those dreams become just figments of our imagination? When did our bond start to feel more like a burden?

Your indifference is louder than any words. There are days I shout into the void, hoping you’d hear me, understand me, or at least pretend to. But every time, I’m met with that cold, distant look, as if I’m speaking to a stranger.

Each time I muster the courage to communicate, to pour out my heart, hoping you’d hold it like you used to, you brush me off. Your disinterest, so evident. I often wonder, do my words fall on deaf ears? Or have they lost their meaning for you?

Despite the hurt, I’ve always defended you, even from myself. Whenever my mind would question your intentions, I’d remind myself of the man I fell in love with, not the shadow of him that stands before me today. But how long can I protect the image of you in my heart when the reality contrasts so starkly?

I see how you treat others, with kindness and compassion. Yet, with me, the one who promised to stand by your side, it’s a different story. Why is my love taken for granted? Why are my emotions trivialized? Why, when I cry out in pain, do you turn away, leaving me alone in my despair?

I remember our shared dreams, the home we wanted to build, the places we wanted to explore, the life we envisioned together. Today, even talking about tomorrow seems like a challenge. Every plan, every dream now feels like a distant star, unreachable and fading.

We once promised to face life’s storms together, holding hands. But lately, I feel I’m weathering these tempests alone, with you watching from the shore, indifferent and detached.

Maybe you believe I’ll always be here, that no matter how you treat me, I’ll remain. But every ignored call, every missed date, every cold shoulder is pushing me further away. You’re taking my love, my patience, and my resilience for granted.

I still cherish what we had, the love we shared, the bond that seemed unbreakable. But I need more than memories to cling onto. I need the assurance that we’re in this together, that we’ll fight for our love, come what may.

However, if you continue down this path of indifference, there might come a day when you’ll reach out, and I won’t be there. It’s not a threat, just a plea for understanding, for empathy, for love.

This isn’t a letter of goodbye, but a wakeup call. A plea to not let our love slip through the cracks of complacency and neglect. I’m asking you to remember the love that brought us together, to fight for it, to cherish it. Because if not, you’re not just losing me, you’re losing the love, the memories, and the dreams we once held dear.

Remember our bond, our commitment, and our love. I’m still here, waiting, hoping, and praying that you see what’s at stake. Before it’s too late.

With all my love,

The girl you’re losing