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To the Girl Who Deserves So Much More than She’s Settling For

To the Girl Who Deserves So Much More than She’s Settling For

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Dear Beautiful Soul,

As I sit to write this, my heart aches for you, for the pain you’ve endured, and for the love you’ve settled for, thinking it’s all you deserve. But let me tell you, darling, you are deserving of so much more.

You’ve been through the wringer, haven’t you? Believing in love that only let you down, investing your heart and soul into relationships that drained rather than filled you. Yet, here you are, still standing, still hoping, still believing. That strength? It’s your superpower.

I know the path you’ve walked hasn’t been easy. You’ve loved with a heart so full, so generous, that sometimes you forgot to keep a little love for yourself. You’ve seen the good in people, often ignoring the warning signs, believing that love could conquer all. It’s a testament to your beautiful spirit, but it’s also been your Achilles heel.

Let’s talk about the love you’ve given. You’ve poured it out like an endless waterfall, believing that if you gave enough, it would be returned in kind. But love isn’t a transaction, and it certainly isn’t a one-way street. You’ve held onto the belief that if you just love harder, things will change. But the harsh truth is, sometimes they won’t.

You’ve waited for texts that never came, made excuses for behavior that was inexcusable, and clung to promises that were as fleeting as shadows. You’ve cried yourself to sleep, wondering why you weren’t enough, when in reality, it was never about your worth.

But here’s the thing – it’s not about what you’ve lost, but what you stand to gain. It’s about realizing your worth and understanding that settling for less is no longer an option.

The first step? Recognizing your value. You are a treasure, a rare find in this world. Your kindness, your empathy, your ability to see the best in others, these are gifts. But they are gifts that should be treasured, not taken for granted.

It’s time to shift the focus from them to you. Start by loving yourself with the same intensity you’ve loved others. Nurture your dreams, your ambitions. Rediscover the things that make you happy, that make your soul sing. It’s not selfish to put yourself first; it’s essential.

And when it comes to love, wait for the one who recognizes your worth. The one who doesn’t just take but gives back in equal measure. The one who supports your dreams, respects your feelings, and treasures your heart as if it’s the rarest gem.

This journey won’t be easy. There will be days when loneliness creeps in, when the familiar ache of heartbreak whispers that it’s better to settle than to be alone. On those days, remember your strength, the battles you’ve fought, and the resilience that’s carried you this far.

Remember that it’s better to be alone and whole than with someone and broken. It’s better to wait for what you deserve than to settle for what’s available. You are worth the wait, and so is the love that’s meant for you.

Let go of the fear that this is as good as it gets. Life has so much more in store for you. There are adventures to be had, passions to be pursued, and yes, love to be found. A love that uplifts, that heals, that completes.

As you move forward, let each step be a celebration of yourself. Let each day be an affirmation of your worth. Embrace your journey, with all its twists and turns, for it’s leading you to where you need to be.

So, to the girl who’s been settling, know this – you are a beacon of light in a world that often gets too dark. Your worth is immeasurable, your potential limitless. Don’t let anyone dim your light, least of all yourself.

Trust in the journey, believe in your worth, and know that the best is yet to come. The love you seek is seeking you too. And when it finds you, it will be everything you hoped for and more. Because, my dear, you deserve nothing less.


Someone Who Believes in You

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