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Our boss is having an affair and everyone talks about it. No one knows it’s with me…

Our boss is having an affair and everyone talks about it. No one knows it’s with me…

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This is an anonymous secret shared by one of our readers.

In our office, the biggest open secret is the boss’s affair. Everyone whispers about it during coffee breaks and types hurried messages when he walks past with that all-too-familiar smirk. They speculate about who it might be, throwing names around like darts on a board. Everyone’s a suspect, yet no one comes close to the truth. Because the person he’s having an affair with is me.

It started innocuously enough. Late nights, tight deadlines, and the kind of stress that makes you lean on whoever’s nearby. Our chats grew longer, more personal. Then came the dinners under the guise of working late, the shared cab rides home. One night, it went further, and it hasn’t stopped.

I’m well aware of the consequences. I’ve heard the stories, seen careers crumble under less weight. Yet, here I am, still in it, still hiding it. Each day, I hear the murmurs and see the pointed fingers aiming everywhere but in the right direction. I feign ignorance, laugh at the rumors, and continue working as if my heart isn’t a tangled mess of guilt and adrenaline.

This isn’t just about sneaking around. It’s about the mask I wear every day, the double life I lead. My colleagues don’t know the real me; they see the me that I project. And as I type this, part of me wonders whether I’m seeking advice, sympathy, or just a place to confess without being judged.

I keep telling myself it’s temporary, that it’ll end soon. But as days turn into months, I find myself caught between a façade of indifference and a reality fraught with silent cries and stolen moments. I know it has to end. But how do you walk away from something that’s so explosively wrong yet feels incredibly right at the same moment?

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