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“This Is How You Broke Me” Letter to the Man Who Never Valued You

“This Is How You Broke Me” Letter to the Man Who Never Valued You

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Dear You,

I don’t think you have any idea what you did. I don’t believe you truly comprehend the damage you’ve inflicted upon me. You took my heart and shattered it into countless pieces.

You took my trust and callously toyed with it. You took love and repaid it with pain and misery. Can you name a more grievous crime?

Things were never meant to unravel this way. I was meant to love you, and you were meant to love me back. I was meant to invest in us, and you were meant to reciprocate.

I entrusted you with my heart, and you were supposed to safeguard it. Instead, you revealed what a monumental mistake I made by choosing you.

I gave my all—every ounce of my heart’s affection, without a second thought. Do you know why? Because I, unlike you, don’t possess a mean bone in my body.

That’s the truth. I assumed that my love for you would be enough for you to love me in return. I never contemplated the consequences because I trusted you implicitly. I wouldn’t have hurt you intentionally, and that’s why I believed you’d never hurt me either.

But you took everything and gave nothing in return. Instead of cherishing me the way I deserved, you sent mixed signals, flirted with others, and vanished when I needed you most. You didn’t care about me for a single moment.

You presumed I was an inexhaustible wellspring of love. But you were mistaken.

My heart withered away. I kept giving you my love until I had nothing left. If you had loved me back, if you had treated me with the respect I deserved, my love could have endured for a thousand more years.

Yet, you broke me. And in breaking me, you triggered a series of unfortunate events that reshaped me entirely.

You shattered my trust.

Perhaps the worst part is that you can’t fathom the weight of these words. The girl who once naively placed her trust in others no longer trusts anyone.

I no longer believe that all people are inherently good. I no longer believe that love can change the world.

I was once an emotional, beautiful soul, but you’ve damaged me. I no longer trust my own shadow, let alone anyone else. And it’s all because of you.

You compelled me to build walls.

I’ve become impenetrable. I no longer allow people into my heart after what you did to me.

Before you, I believed everyone deserved a chance and that nobody was guilty until proven otherwise. Now, my outlook has reversed.

Everyone who comes close to me is deemed guilty of the same crimes you committed. I perceive everyone else as potential heartbreakers, which is why I’m always poised to flee.

My walls are so high that even the Great Wall of China would envy them.

You broke my spirit.

Remember the free spirit I once had? The positivity I shared with everyone I met? That’s all gone now, thanks to you.

People used to recognize me by my smile and the joy I brought to their lives. They thought of me as a relentless optimist who never gave up.

Now, they reminisce about how I used to be.

You convinced me that true love only exists in fairy tales.

I did everything right. I put in my best effort. I didn’t make a single mistake. But I didn’t receive the love I deserved. I should have, but I didn’t.

I wore my heart on my sleeve, loved without expecting anything in return, and believed in love more fervently than I believed the Earth was round. But now, I doubt love exists at all. You did this to me.

You introduced me to pain.

You didn’t merely introduce pain; you made it the cornerstone of my existence. I don’t want it here, but I don’t know how to rid myself of it.

I used to wake up eager to seize the day, but those moments feel like a distant memory. Now, I barely muster the strength to leave my bed, trudging through each day, longing for the night to escape the torment your love brought me.

You extinguished my light and thrust me into darkness.

The damage you’ve wrought is profound. If you could peer into my heart, you’d find no love, no light, no end in sight. You’ve sliced open my heart and stolen it all away.

You injected venom into my heart, turning what was once bright and red into a void of darkness.

It would take a miracle to undo the damage you’ve caused.

But it’s you for whom I worry.

I’ve never harmed anyone. I deserve the best in the world. Thus far, I’ve received nothing but the worst, and that’s you. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t rise again. But you…

You may feel superior now, reveling in your five minutes of fame, bragging about how you played me. But it won’t last.

Karma always comes to collect. The favors will be returned, and life will knock you down to the very bottom. I’m unsure if you’ll ever manage to rise again.

To be frank, and perhaps a bit harsh, because of what you’ve done to me, you don’t deserve anything except to linger at the very bottom. There, you’ll understand the true depths of darkness.


The one you broke