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9 Signs He’s Taking You for Granted

9 Signs He’s Taking You for Granted

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When you’re in a relationship, it’s natural to expect a certain level of attention and care from your partner. However, sometimes, without even realizing it, you might find yourself being taken for granted. It’s crucial to recognize the signs early to address the issues before they escalate.

Being aware of these signs can help you understand where your relationship stands and what steps you might need to consider to either improve the situation or rethink your commitment.

1. He Stops Making Plans with You

When your relationship first started, it was probably filled with excitement and mutual efforts to spend time together. You likely had dates planned, trips envisioned, and a mutual eagerness to create memories. However, a stark sign that he’s taking you for granted is when he stops making plans with you.

This change can be gradual, which makes it harder to notice at first. Maybe he starts to assume you’ll be available without checking, or he might not involve you in plans like he used to. It’s not just about missing the occasional date night; it’s the consistent pattern of behavior that shows a lack of consideration for your time and presence.

From a personal perspective, I’ve seen this happen in the lives of my friends and, admittedly, in my own. It starts with small things. Perhaps he begins deciding on weekend plans without asking you, or he assumes you’ll be okay with staying in every Friday night without discussing it with you. This behavior reflects a deeper issue: he no longer prioritizes your shared experiences or values your input as part of the relationship.

In many cases, this might not come from a place of malice, but rather from a place of comfort or complacency. He might believe that you’re always going to be around, no matter what, which can lead to taking your presence in his life for granted. It’s important to address this issue openly and honestly. Communicating how you feel can sometimes be enough to shift the dynamic. However, it’s crucial to watch for whether this behavior is a part of a larger pattern that diminishes your value in the relationship.

Understanding and recognizing this early can help you make informed decisions about how to proceed and ensure that your relationship is balanced and respectful.

2. He Doesn’t Listen When You Talk

Communication is the backbone of any relationship. When he genuinely listens to you, it signifies respect and interest in your life and feelings. However, a clear sign that he’s taking you for granted is when he no longer listens attentively when you talk. This could manifest as him frequently checking his phone during conversations, interrupting you, or responding inappropriately because he wasn’t really paying attention.

Reflecting on personal experiences, I’ve noticed that when a partner starts to take you for granted, his attention during your conversations starts to wane. You might find yourself repeating things because he didn’t listen the first time or explaining your feelings repeatedly because he hasn’t truly absorbed what you’re saying. This lack of attentiveness can feel isolating and frustrating, making you feel as if you’re not valued.

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It’s important to not overlook this behavior. Being heard and understood is a fundamental need in any relationship. When communication falters, it’s often a symptom of deeper issues like loss of interest or respect. Addressing this early can help to re-establish the necessary connection and ensure that both partners are equally engaged.

If you find yourself in this situation, try to bring it up directly. Share how it makes you feel when you’re not heard and express the importance of active listening in your relationship. Sometimes, this can be a wake-up call that helps him realize the need to be more present during your interactions.

3. He Rarely Compliments You Anymore

In the early days of a relationship, compliments are often freely given and received, helping to build a positive connection and mutual admiration. However, if you start noticing that compliments from him have become scarce, it might be a sign that he’s beginning to take you for granted.

A lack of compliments can gradually erode your self-esteem and make you feel less appreciated or attractive. Remember, it’s not about needing constant validation, but rather about feeling valued and cherished by your partner. Compliments are a simple yet powerful way to communicate love and appreciation. When they start to disappear, it can feel as though your partner doesn’t see or value your qualities anymore.

From what I’ve seen, this isn’t just about missing the occasional “you look nice today.” It’s about the broader trend of no longer noticing or acknowledging your efforts, whether it’s in how you dress for a date night or the hard work you do professionally or at home. This change can make you feel invisible and undervalued, and it’s something to be addressed in conversations about how you both show appreciation in the relationship.

Encouraging a culture of gratitude and recognition in the relationship can sometimes reignite the practice of giving compliments. It’s crucial for both partners to feel seen and appreciated, not just during special moments but in everyday life as well.

4. He Ignores Your Needs and Wants

When you’re in a healthy relationship, your needs and wants are acknowledged and respected, even if they can’t always be met. However, if you start noticing that he consistently ignores your needs and wants, it’s a significant sign that he’s taking you for granted. This behavior can manifest in various ways, such as disregarding your preferences in daily decisions or overlooking your emotional or physical comfort.

Personal experience has taught me that when a partner begins to overlook the things that matter to you, it creates a feeling of loneliness and neglect within the relationship. For instance, if you express a desire for more quality time together, and he continues to prioritize other activities without discussion, it not only shows a lack of respect for your wishes but also a disregard for your happiness in the relationship.

This neglect can extend to bigger issues as well, such as ignoring your career aspirations or your feelings about important life decisions. It’s essential to address these issues head-on. Communicating openly about your needs and how his actions affect you can sometimes prompt a change. However, it’s important to observe whether there’s a genuine shift in behavior or if the pattern of ignoring your needs continues.

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5. He Doesn’t Prioritize Your Relationship

One of the most telling signs that he’s taking you for granted is when he stops prioritizing your relationship. This might look like him consistently choosing to spend time with friends or on hobbies, without making time for you, or putting off important relationship decisions because they aren’t as high on his list of priorities.

Seeing this happen can be particularly painful because it shifts from feeling like a partnership to feeling like a convenience. When you are committed to someone, you expect to be a significant part of each other’s lives, not just an afterthought. This lack of prioritization often leads to a disconnect, where one partner feels more invested than the other.

Reflecting on a personal anecdote, a friend once shared how her significant other would always make plans that suited his schedule and preferences, rarely considering her own. This ongoing behavior made her feel sidelined and undervalued, and it took a serious conversation about her feelings and the future of their relationship to begin to remedy the situation.

In relationships, it’s crucial for both partners to strive for balance, making sure that both sets of needs, wants, and time are considered. If you notice that your relationship is not a priority for him, it may be time to reevaluate how both of you view your commitment and what steps can be taken to ensure that the relationship is fulfilling for both of you.

6. He Makes Decisions Without Consulting You

In a committed relationship, major decisions are typically made together. This collaboration reflects mutual respect and consideration for each partner’s role in the relationship. However, if he starts making significant decisions without consulting you, it’s a clear sign he’s taking you for granted. This behavior can range from small decisions, like major purchases, to larger life choices, like moving or changing jobs.

This disregard for your input can make you feel sidelined and disrespected. It’s essential to recognize that your opinion and involvement in decision-making are crucial to maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship. When one partner unilaterally makes decisions, it not only undermines this balance but can also lead to resentment and a feeling of powerlessness.

I’ve witnessed this scenario unfold among friends, where one partner felt completely blindsided by decisions that were made without their knowledge. The outcome was often hurtful and led to serious discussions about trust and partnership. Addressing this issue involves confronting the behavior directly and reaffirming the need for mutual decision-making processes.

7. He Stops Putting Effort into Special Occasions

Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are opportunities to celebrate each other and your relationship. However, if he begins to neglect these important dates or stops putting effort into celebrating them, it might indicate that he’s taking you for granted. This shift can make these moments feel less special and may leave you feeling unappreciated and undervalued.

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When a partner stops making an effort on special occasions, it can often feel like they are not just overlooking the event, but also overlooking the joy these celebrations bring to you. It’s not merely about expecting grand gestures, but rather the thoughtfulness and effort that symbolize his care and appreciation for you.

From personal experience, the difference in how special occasions are celebrated can be stark and revealing. It’s not about the scale of celebration, but the intention behind it. A simple, heartfelt gesture often means more than a grand, but thoughtless, action. If this effort begins to wane, it’s important to communicate how much these occasions mean to you and discuss ways to restore the thoughtfulness that once characterized these celebrations.

8. He Expects You to Always Be Available

A relationship should be a partnership of equals, where both individuals’ time and commitments are respected. However, a significant indication that he’s taking you for granted is when he expects you to always be available at his convenience. This might mean expecting you to drop your plans to accommodate his, or assuming you’ll be there whenever he wants without considering your schedule or needs.

This expectation can be particularly straining. It subtly communicates that your time isn’t as valuable as his, which can lead to feelings of resentment. I’ve seen this scenario play out when a friend consistently had to cancel her own plans because her partner assumed she would be available whenever he called. It took a toll on her self-esteem and her social life, as she felt less able to maintain her independence.

Addressing this issue often requires setting clear boundaries and communicating the importance of mutual respect for each other’s time. It’s crucial for both partners to understand that while being supportive is important, it should not come at the cost of sacrificing your own needs and commitments.

9. He Doesn’t Acknowledge Your Achievements

In a nurturing relationship, both partners celebrate each other’s successes and support each other through challenges. If he stops acknowledging your achievements or minimizes your successes, it’s a clear sign of taking you for granted. This behavior can make you feel undervalued and can diminish your sense of self-worth within the relationship.

Whether it’s a promotion at work, a creative project, or even small personal milestones, each accomplishment deserves recognition. When your partner fails to acknowledge these, it not only diminishes the achievement but can also make you feel unsupported. For instance, I once celebrated a significant career milestone, and the lack of enthusiasm from my partner at the time felt deeply disappointing and affected how valued I felt in the relationship.

Bringing up how this makes you feel and expressing the importance of mutual support can help address this oversight. Celebrating each other’s successes strengthens the bond and ensures that both partners feel valued and respected for their individual contributions to the relationship.