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“I Wish You Still Wanted Me” Letter From a Lonely Wife

“I Wish You Still Wanted Me” Letter From a Lonely Wife

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My Dear,

I hope this letter finds its way into your hands and heart. There’s something I’ve been carrying inside me, and it’s been growing heavier with each passing day. It’s time I share these thoughts, these emotions, with you in the hope that we can rekindle what we once had.

Every married couple faces challenges, that’s a given. But when loneliness seeps into our marriage, it becomes more than just a challenge – it becomes a problem. It’s as if we’re sharing a home but living in two separate worlds.

I find myself wondering why we’ve become strangers in a familiar place. We’ve spent years together, knowing each other better than anyone else ever could, yet I can’t help but feel that you’ve become a stranger to me. When I look at your face, I don’t see the man I fell in love with. Our physical connection feels like an obligation, not a source of joy or intimacy.

It’s been a while since we last shared those passionate moments. You no longer seem interested in me, not my body or my soul. I’ve slipped from being a priority in your life to feeling like an afterthought.

I can’t help but wonder what has changed. Is it because I’m no longer the young woman you were once attracted to? Or is it something deeper that neither of us has addressed? I believe it’s because we’ve stopped communicating, stopped talking about the things that matter.

Do you remember the times when we engaged in intellectual debates for hours on end? We had incredible chemistry, and your compliments about my intelligence used to warm my heart. But what you couldn’t see was your own worth, the glow in your eyes when you spoke passionately about the things you loved. You used to say I was smarter, but you were the one who truly knew how to love.

I’ve always struggled to express my feelings adequately, and I wonder if that drove you away. If I ever made you feel unloved, I want you to know that it was never my intention. I’m not sure how to convey this to you, but I’m trying now because I love you, and I want to mend what’s broken between us.

You once said we were soulmates, remember? Aren’t soulmates supposed to be together forever? Despite being married, I’ve never felt so alone. It’s as if I’ve lost myself in this quest for love.

The partnership we once cherished has vanished into thin air, and I long for you to be my darling again, my best friend. I don’t want us to remain strangers, coexisting rather than truly connecting.

Do you know how it feels to return home after a long day and hear nothing more than a casual “Hey, what’s up?” from you while you’re absorbed in your social media? It’s painful, beyond what words can express. I yearn to share the details of my day with you, but something inside me holds back, fearing the distance between us.

Yet, you seem oblivious to the pain it causes me. I question whether I’m difficult to love. Our lack of communication and your absence of smiles and laughter have left me feeling isolated.

We don’t even argue anymore, and that’s problematic. How can we grow if we’re stuck in one place, unable to be our authentic selves? Please, help me understand. Are you still the same person I married? Because I am, but I’ve hidden parts of myself out of fear that you no longer want them. I’ve been disappointed too many times.

Is this what marriage is supposed to be like? Is loneliness an inevitable part of it? Why didn’t anyone warn me about this? Or perhaps they did, and I simply chose not to listen because I loved you too deeply.

Yes, I am indeed lonely, and it’s difficult to convey the emptiness I feel when you prioritize spending time with your friends over me, especially when I needed you the most. But the most painful part is when you’re physically present, yet your mind seems miles away.

Please, come back to me. Love me as you did in the beginning. My heart aches for your affection. You once promised me forever, and now I find myself crying out for you to remember that promise, to remember me.

I’m not a superhuman; I’m a human being with a limited capacity for pain. I can no longer bear the burden of strength all the time. My strength is often a façade, and you might not even realize how I truly feel. But I’m reaching my breaking point, burning with unspoken emotions.

Most of the time, I pretend to be strong, but today, I’m laying my vulnerability bare because I can’t bear the loneliness any longer. I don’t want to be the lonely wife seeking the warmth of her husband’s affection.

I’ve come to believe that there’s more love in long-distance relationships because physical distance cannot hinder emotional connection. When two people love each other deeply, nothing can keep them apart. However, if love has waned, they could be together physically and yet remain distant.

I implore you not to let us become that couple. I’m willing to write you emotional love letters every day if it can prevent us from reaching that point. You are the love of my life, and that will never change.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but not without love. I don’t want us to be mere roommates who know nothing about each other. Let’s talk, share, and understand each other again.

Do you remember when we discussed love languages? You once discovered that physical touch was my love language, and even though it wasn’t your preference, you held me close and cared for me as if I were the most precious thing in the world. Your happiness came from making me happy.

Please tell me you remember those moments. I miss your hugs, the warmth of our cuddles on cold winter nights, and the gentle touch of your fingers on my face when you woke up before me. I pretended to be asleep because I knew it made you uncomfortable, but those moments were precious to me.

I apologize for not adopting your love language as my own, for not expressing my feelings in words. I believe it’s this very disconnect that has driven us apart, and we both share the blame. It’s time for us to change that.

My biggest fear is waking up one day and hearing you say you want a divorce. I don’t want us to be separated. I know things are tough now, but acknowledging our hardships is the first step toward a solution.

Silence has always been our main obstacle. Nothing can be resolved in silence. There was a time when our comfortable silences brought us closer, but now, silence only drives us further apart.

I yearn for the days when we would sit in silence, yet our eyes would speak volumes. You knew me so well, and you were the one who saved me. How could you stop caring for the woman you once loved so deeply?

I’ve decided to be emotionally vulnerable, to lay my feelings bare, because my fear of losing you outweighs my fear of vulnerability. I can’t express these feelings face to face; it’s too difficult. Writing this letter is my way of opening up, and as long as these words are mine, it doesn’t matter how they are conveyed.

I choose honesty, I choose to fight for us. I’m here, assuming how you feel I choose honesty, I choose to fight for us. I’m here, assuming how you feel, but it’s time I hear it from you directly. It’s strange, isn’t it? After all these years, I still can’t read your mind. But words exist for a reason, to bridge the gap between our thoughts and emotions.

I’m taking the first step, and I hope you’ll be surprised by my willingness to express myself. Perhaps you’ll be surprised enough to welcome me back into your heart.

I may sound like a housewife, but I’m far from that stereotype. These words don’t come from desperation; they come from a woman who is ready to receive the love she deserves and ready to give you the love you’ve always deserved.

I don’t want you because you’re my husband or out of loneliness. I want you because you are the love of my life, and I can’t imagine my life without you. I am a strong and independent woman, but I am also a human being, and every human being craves love.

I believe your love for me is still burning, just as mine is. I want us to be true partners, not just sharing a bed or household chores. Waking up in the same bed with you is no longer enough; it feels like waking up next to a stranger.

We both get up and prepare for the day without exchanging a single word. If only you knew how much I miss those words, your sweet smile.

Our friends may believe that it’s over, but they haven’t lived our life. They don’t know the loving husband you’ve been, or the woman who loves unconditionally. Nothing has been able to tear us apart, not even difficult family dynamics, sickness, or even a year-long lockdown.

The only obstacle in our path has been our inability to express ourselves, to say those three simple words: “I love you.” Well, here they are, a million times over. I love you, and I want you to know that you have my heart as long as I’m alive on this Earth.

Let’s make new promises, take new oaths, and do it right this time. I’ll take you to that new pizza place, and we can cuddle, whisper sweet words into each other’s ears, and love each other as we always should have.

Let’s make this new year a good one.

Yours forever,

Your wife