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8 Clear Signs He’s Fighting His Feelings for You

8 Clear Signs He’s Fighting His Feelings for You

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Love is one of the most complex emotions we experience. It has the power to uplift us, confuse us, and, on occasion, make us question everything we thought we knew.

But when someone tries to hide their feelings, it becomes an even more intricate dance. As alpha women, we need to be observant, aware, and confident in reading between the lines.

Let’s uncover those hidden messages, shall we?

1. He Tries to Hide His Smile When You’re Around

Ladies, we’ve all been there. We walk into a room, and suddenly there’s a certain someone who just can’t seem to wipe that grin off their face, even if they’re trying their darnedest to hide it. It’s adorable and, quite frankly, a dead giveaway. Whenever you’re around, it’s as if there’s an involuntary twitch at the corner of his mouth, desperately trying to conceal the joy he feels.

Now, it might not always be a full-blown, toothy grin. Sometimes, it’s just that slight upturn of his lips, or the sparkle in his eyes that he quickly tries to mask. But you see it. Oh, you definitely see it. It’s a sign that he’s elated by your presence but might not be ready to openly admit it. Perhaps he’s unsure, or maybe he’s just trying to play it cool. Either way, his efforts to suppress that smile speak volumes.

Remember, dear reader, that while actions speak louder than words, sometimes it’s those subtle reactions that tell the true story. So the next time he tries to play off that smirk as something insignificant, know deep down that it’s probably a sign he’s battling those butterflies in his stomach. And honestly, it’s kind of cute to watch.

2. You See Him Nervously Fidgeting Near You

There’s a certain kind of energy we feel when we’re near someone we have feelings for. It’s electric, charged, and sometimes… it makes us a little jittery. Ever noticed him twiddling his thumbs, tapping his foot, or playing with his keys when you’re around? That, darling, is not just any ordinary behavior; it’s the dance of someone whose heart rate has kicked up a few notches.

I’ll tell you this: confidence is alluring, but vulnerability has its own charm. Those little quirks, the slight shyness, the hesitant stutter; they’re all silent whispers of a heart in turmoil. He’s trying to compose himself, to put forth this image of being unperturbed, but the truth is, you’re likely the cause of that adorable fidgeting.

Every time I’ve seen this, I can’t help but think back to those school days, when a boy would pull at the hem of his shirt or constantly brush his hair back because he was around his crush. Some things don’t change, even as we age. The playground might be different, but the emotions? Oh, they remain delightfully juvenile.

3. He Surprises You with Random Acts of Kindness

Now, this one’s a charmer. Acts of service, even in their simplest forms, often come from a place of deep care and consideration. If he’s going out of his way to make your day brighter, even with just a surprise coffee or helping you with your heavy bags, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I’ve had instances where a certain someone would always manage to “coincidentally” bring an extra snack or offer to drop me home after a late night. And while I appreciated the gestures, I always wondered about the motive behind them. But then, as an alpha woman, it clicked. These weren’t just acts of kindness; they were veiled confessions of affection.

It’s the classic scenario: when words fail, actions take the front seat. By indulging in these random acts of kindness, he’s trying to subtly communicate his interest without explicitly saying it. And to be honest, it’s such a tender and sincere way to show someone you care.

4. You’ve Heard Him Defend You When You’re Not There

Let’s take a moment to truly digest this one. In a world where it’s easier to join the crowd and nod along, standing up for someone, especially in their absence, speaks volumes. There’s integrity, and then there’s having someone’s back, and, girl, when he defends you when you’re not even in the room? That’s a clear sign of someone who genuinely cares.

I remember when a friend casually mentioned how a certain someone had jumped to my defense during a rather heated debate. I wasn’t there, and the topic was trivial, but the fact that he felt the need to ensure my reputation remained intact was a testament to the feelings brewing beneath the surface.

There’s an old saying: “What you do when no one is watching defines who you are.” And I can’t help but apply that here. He might be battling with his emotions, wrestling with his feelings, but by standing up for you, he’s quietly, yet profoundly, letting the world know where his loyalties lie.

It’s not about the grand gestures or eloquent confessions; sometimes, it’s the quiet assurance that someone has your back, even when you’re not watching. It’s a beautiful feeling to be defended, but knowing that the defender might just have deeper feelings for you? That’s priceless.

5. He Often Finds Reasons to Casually Touch You

Ladies, we all know the power of touch. It’s one of the most primary and intimate forms of communication. It’s how we comfort, how we connect, and yes, how we express attraction. And when a man is trying to fight his feelings for you, but continuously finds reasons to be in physical contact, it’s like his body is betraying what he’s trying to keep hidden.

We’re not talking about those overt moves that scream “I’m interested.” No, it’s subtler than that. Maybe he lightly brushes off a lint from your sweater, or he might offer his arm when you’re walking in heels, or perhaps there’s that gentle touch on the small of your back guiding you through a crowd. These gestures, seemingly innocent, are laden with meaning.

In my own experience, I recall being both baffled and secretly elated when a particular guy friend would always find a reason to touch my hand or my arm when he spoke to me. It was as if he needed that connection, that grounding. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a rush every single time.

Human touch is powerful, and when it’s coming from someone who is clearly trying not to wear his heart on his sleeve, it’s all the more poignant. It’s like his heart and his mind are playing tug-of-war, and his heart keeps winning, even if just for a brief moment.

6. He’s On and Off with His Texts and Calls

Oh, the classic modern-day conundrum! In today’s age, communication is so accessible, but deciphering its rhythms can be a true enigma. Have you experienced those weeks where he’s blowing up your phone, sending you funny memes, sharing songs, or just checking in, and then… radio silence? As baffling as it can be, it’s a clear sign of the internal battle he’s facing.

When he’s ‘on’, he’s letting his guard down, allowing his feelings to take the wheel. Those are the moments when he just can’t resist being in touch, sharing a piece of his day, or wanting to know about yours. But then reality hits, he realizes he’s getting too close, and he pulls back, leading to those stretches of silence.

I’ve been there, girl. One week, it’s like we’re two peas in a pod, texting about everything and nothing, and then suddenly, it’s like I’m talking to a wall. It’s not you; it’s the war inside him. He’s grappling with his emotions, not wanting to give away too much, yet unable to stay away entirely.

7. You Notice He’s Shy to Share His Feelings

Now, darling, this one is a bit tricky. Not all men are an open book when it comes to their emotions, but there’s a distinct difference between the average guy and someone who’s fighting their feelings. Have you ever noticed him faltering, taking a deep breath, or diverting the topic just when you sense he’s about to dive into deeper emotional waters? Bingo! That’s him holding back.

When a man is grappling with strong feelings, there’s this inherent fear of vulnerability. I remember once sharing a quiet moment with a guy who was clearly head over heels but wouldn’t admit it. I could see that internal struggle – that desire to lay his heart bare, contrasted with the fear of being exposed. Those little pauses in conversation, the way his eyes dart away when you’re discussing matters of the heart, it all adds up.

What’s intriguing is that while he might be shy to talk about his personal feelings, he might be very vocal and open about other topics. But when it comes to the matters of the heart, there’s this invisible barrier he’s not yet ready to cross.

It’s endearing and frustrating, all at once. But reading between those unsaid lines, sensing that hesitation, and understanding that it’s not reluctance but a fear of overwhelming emotion can be very telling. You see, when you’re aware of the depth of the ocean, you’re cautious before taking that dive.

8. He Remembers Little Details About You

Alright, ladies, this one hits close to home for many of us. Ever brought up a seemingly inconsequential detail or a random anecdote from a few months ago, only to be met with an enthusiastic “Oh yeah, you mentioned that!” from him? That’s your sign right there.

Men, by and large, aren’t renowned for their attention to detail, especially when it comes to conversations. So when he remembers that you prefer lattes over cappuccinos or that you once told him about your childhood dog named Sparky, it’s not just because he has an exceptional memory. It’s because, honey, you matter to him.

This might seem like a small thing, but it speaks volumes. When a man is fighting his feelings, he may not always be vocal about them, but he’s soaking up every little detail about you, consciously or not. These little memories are like precious treasures, tokens of the affection he’s yet to confess.

You see, when someone genuinely cares about you, they listen – not just to respond, but to truly understand and remember. It’s in these tiny, seemingly insignificant moments that one’s true feelings shine the brightest.

So, the next time he surprises you by recalling that hilarious story you shared or that movie you said you wanted to watch, know that it’s not just about the information. It’s about the emotions tied to them and, trust me, that’s a clear sign he’s invested emotionally, even if he’s yet to admit it.